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The Andalusian breed originated from southern Spain, in the providence Andalusia. The native Spanish horse, also called the Iberian horse, was known for its strength and agility that made it a very able warhorse back during the Roman era.  In 711 AD the Moorish domination began bringing with them the Barb horse.  The combination of the Barb and the Spanish horse lead to the Andalusian.  Later in the Middle Ages the Andalusian breed became very popular for the nobles and royalty all over Europe.  The Andalusian still had its agility and strength from it’s ancestors, and just like them was also a marvelous warhorse, but from the Barb it had gained beauty. 
The Andalusian became the prime horse in Spain, and was well respected.  When the New World was being explored by Spain the Andalusian was brought from its homeland to the Americas. 
A regular Andalusian ranges from 15 to 15.2 hands in height and for the most part are gray.  Other colors are less common.  Andalusians are strong, athletic horses and perform well in competitions such as dressage and show jumping.  They also make good companions and overall riding horses.

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