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Paintings of spotted horses have been found that dated all the way back to ancient Greece.  Their unique pattern seems to always be present in history.  In the 1600's the Spanish brought spotted horses to Mexico, over time they spread to North America.  The Nez Perce tribe, who lived in what is now Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, was very involved in horse breeding.  The tribe's stock was excellent and accomplished.  It's estimated that ten percent of their horses were spotted.  One of these spotted horses was called "A Palouse Horses” as a reference to the Palouse River running Idaho.  The modern name, Appaloosa, stemmed from it.  The Appaloosa was nearly drove to extinction in 1877 when the territory was over taken by US troops.
Their average height is 15 hands.  An Appaloosa has many coat colors and pattern variants.  Appaloosas can sport colors such as bay, black, buckskin, chestnut, cremello, dun, gray, palomino, perlino, and roan.   Examples of an Apaloosan coat pattern include leopard, mottled, frost, and blanket.   White sclera, mottled skin, and stripped hooves are all consistent characteristics of the breed.  The Appaloosa's great endurance and stamina has made it a fine cattle horse.   They are also suitable for riding, jumping, and showing.

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