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The Arabian breed is one of the oldest and purest known breeds in the world.  Historical accounts of the Arab can be traced all the way to 2,000 BC.   Due to this, Arabians have had the greatist influence over the development of other breeds.  Arabians developed in the Arabian peninsula from careful selective breeding by the Bedouin.  Over time the breed grew popular and was transported out of the peninsula through out Europe and today Arabs can be found in countries around the world.
They are a very beatiful and vesitile breed. They have a height ranging from 14 to 15 hands.  Pure Arabs sport chestnut, grey, bay, and black coat colors. 
The Arab has a very elegant structure but it does not detract from its capabilities.   Arabs have spectacular stamina are are well suited for endurance races.   Acient Arabs were breed to travel great distances in the harsh climate of Arabia.  Arabs are very adaptable and can also excell in show jumping, cutting, dressage, and many more sports.  They are good mounts in leaisure riding and ranching.

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