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Hailing from Scotland, the Clydesdale got it's name from the Clyde river which runs through Lanarkshire, the area they originated from.  In the late of eighteenth century the Sixth Duke of Hamilton came and brought with him Flemish stallions.  They were bred with the working mares and that was the start of what what is to become the Clydesdale.  Shires were later incorporated into the making of the breed. In 1877 the Clydesdale Horse Society was formed. Soon the Clydesdale was exported to other countries such as North America, South America,  Australia, Russia, and Italy.  Especially during World War 1 when they were being used in battle.  
Aside from being Budweiser's mascot they're known for their immense size.  They stand at an average of 16 to 19 hands high and can weigh a ton, literally. Over all they are built robustly, their legs are long but still muscular, and they have feathery fur around their legs that drape over their hooves.  Though they are the giants of the equine breed they're still very beautiful. Their coat colors are usually black, bay, brown, and chestnut.  They usually have a lot of white on their face and white stockings. Clydesdales are commonly used for carriage/driving, pleasure, and farming.

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