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Hanoverian is a German warmblood.  It is one of the oldest warmbloods.  Their breeding began in 1735 and in 1888 the stud book was officially established.   The Hanoverian began as a carriage horse but then after World War II the breeding goal shifted to building a horse with greater skill for competetion and sport.   Thoroughbreds and Trakenhners contributed to the develoment of this breed. All solid colors are acceptable with white markings.  The horses range between 15.3 to 17.2 hands high, but most are 16 to 16.2 hands.high. 
Hanoverians are predominantly bred for equestrian sports.  They have found much fame in the olympics where they consistently win gold or place in competition.   They excel in dressage, show jumpings, cross country, eventing, and show hunting.   Hanoverians are well sought after and are among the most accomplished breeds of sport horses.

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