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The smallest of all horses and ponies, the miniture. The American Minituare Horse Association states that for a horse to register it must be 34 inches or under.  Unlike ponies, a miniture horse is meant to have proportional horse like physical qualities but in a smaller package.  Minitures come in an array of styles and colors and there are many different breeds of minis. 
Like dogs, a horses's life span increases the smaller the breed is.   A healthy miniature horse on average lives 25 to 35 years old.  One of the oldest horses was a dwarf miniture horse by the name of Angel who lived to be 50. 
The smallest horse in the world is a miniture named Thumbalina standing at 17 inches and weighs 16 pounds.  She does suffer from dwarfism also.  Dwafism is improper equine conformation meaning the horse is disporpotionate in its bone structure maybe resulting in health issues.
Minitures can't be riden, but they have other uses.  Minitures are adorable pets and companions and can be trained to be assistance animals for the blind.

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