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The American Morgan horse has a very interesting history.  This is because it's heritage traces back to just a single stallion, Justin Morgan.  This stallion was born about 1789.  Justin Morgan's genetic history is unknown, some guess it could have been Arabian, Thoroughbred, or Dutch Arabian mixture.  Justin Morgan stood at 14 hand high and was fairly light, being only around 850 pounds, making him one of the smaller horses.  He wasn't the biggest horse but he proved he was the hardest working one.  Being remarkably strong, he could beat a horse much larger than him in a log hauling contest.  Well gaited, he was able to out run some of the fastest horses of his time. Later in life he became one of the best breeding horses, all his offspring were just as strong as he was despite whatever mare he was breed to.  Justin Morgan died in 1821 leaving behind a talented breed.
Morgan's coats are usually chestnut, bay, black, or brown.  Their height ranges from 14 to 15.2 hands.  The Morgan has a broad forehead, petite ears, hefty sized nostrils, elegantly slender legs that are still sturdy, a full and soft mane and tale, and tough hindquarters.  Being strong and swift excel in driving, dressage, reining, and cutting.  Also they are great for trail riding or any other leisure riding activity.  With their gentle nature they make a great companion.

You can find additional information about this breed at that Horse Breed Association's web site:
American Morgan Horse Association: AMHA

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