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The Mustang is a unique breed of horse that formed in the wild lands in Western North America.  They are a feral breed as they were once domesticated but then escaped into the wild and began to thrive in their new habitat.  The origination of  Mustangs came from the horses brought by Spainards and they explored the New World.  However their horses were stolen or got loose as the Spainards moved out of Mexico into what is today Florida and Texas.  Tribes of Native Americans quickly began to adopt horses into their culture as a way to enhance tranportation and lifestyle.  The mustang soon later began to be their first choice.   Mustangs, though having a strong influence, are not strict descendents of Spanish stock.  Over the years of roaming wild, many other breeds of horse got loose from settlers and ranchers and mingled with the wild herds.  This greatly diversifed the Mustang's heritage making it irreversably unique.  Living in the wild culled out the weak in the breed leaving only the toughest horse to survive. 
The hight of a mustange can range from thirteen to fifteen hands.  They can be any color and come in a variety of apperances because of their diverse background.   Domesticated mustanges make for great riding horses and their hardiness also makes them suitable for endurance rides.

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