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This great draft horse got its name and originated from the La Perche region in Normandy.  The breed has both Arabian and Barb ancestory.  This large and sturdy horse was first put to use as a war horse then it's strength was applied as a carriage horse.  The breed became increasingly popular for it's grand size and elegance and breeders in France began to export Percherons to other countries.   Today, the Percheron is a very adaptable horse able to withstand many climates.  
Some Percherons are amongst the tallest horses in the world.  A Percheron by the name of Dr Le Gear, born in 1902, was 21 hands high.  However, the average height is 16.1 hands.  A Percheron's usual coat is either grey or black, but there are also bays, browns, and sorrels.  Percherons, despite their bulk and size, are very graceful and active.  They are used for pulling sleighs and carrages, general draft work, breeding into other breeds, and riding.

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