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Spotted horses have been a favorite mount of people for years for their pretty coloring.  Also in nature, such color variations were useful as camoflague.  The Pinto is a color type breed in which their classification depends on their coat color.  Many different breeds can be qualified as a Pinto.  The Pinto has two classiffications of coloring: Overo and Tobiano.  They are opposites of each other.  Overo has a solid basic color with patches of white on it.  Tobiano has a base of white with solid color patches on it.  The Pinto horse Association of America also classifies pintos into different types based on their body conformation with an additional division for ponies and miniatures.  What makes a Pinto different than a paint is strickly their blood line.  Pintos come from an array of backgrounds while Paints must be of Paint, Quarter horse, or Thoroughbred decent.  Most Paints can also be categorized as Pintos but not all pintos can be classified as paints.

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