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The Shetland pony originated and gained it's name from the Scottish Shetland Islands.  The breed remained on those islands for many centuries, to develop into the hardy but tiny horse that it is today.  During the industrial revolution, their size became an asset.  As the demand for coal increased their use for pulling carts and underground work also increased.  The demand caused the breed of ponies to expand from their home islands to Britian and the United States.
The height of a standard Shetland should range between 7 to 11.2 hands.  They sport every coat color except pinto or leopard spotted.  For their size, Shetlands are remarkably strong.  They are the strongest of all horse or pony breeds, relative to their size, capable of pulling twice their weight.  Shetlands are also very intellegent.  With their very spirited nature, if they are not well handled or trained, a Shetland can display a streak of stubborness and uncooperation that is often associated to the breed. The Shetland is favoured as a riding and driving pony.   They are commonly used in commercial settings for children to ride at fairs and in petting zoos.

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