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Shires are one of the tallest daft horses.  Their ancestory can be traced back to the English Great horse, a warhorse in mediaeval times.   The breed had a lot of influences from Fresians, Flanders, and other native stock in England.  Stallion Shires stands 16.2 to 17.2 hands while mares stand 16 to 17 hands.   Their coats can either be black, brown, bay, or grey.  Shires are sturdy creatures, lean headed with a slight Roman nose, muscular hindquarters, and silky feathered hair around the hooves.
The great size and strength and stamina of a shire makes it a great work horse.   They can pull a great deal of weight which including hauling timber and wagons.   In fact, Shires were popular for pulling carts full of ale for Breweries.   Some Breweries still use them for tradition's sake.

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