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The Trakehner is a German warmblood and one of the oldest warmbloods.  It's origines are traceable nearly 300 years.  The breed began in 1732 when the foundation of the Main Stud was establish in East Prussia.  The breed flourished for centuries until WWII when enemy troops were invading Prussia.  The breeding stock was sent on a 900 mile treck to western Europe.  Before their journey there was a count of over 25,000 horses regestered in the stud book, but after the trip there was only 1,200 or so remaining.  Arabs and Thouroughbreds contributed greatly to the develoment of the Trakehner as they were bred with local horses to enhance the bloodline.  These influences can be seen in the breed today.
The Trakehner are lightly built with a standard of height at about 15.7 hands (160cm) to 16.7 hands (170cm) from the witheres and they come in any color.  They are valued for their elegance, temperment, and conformation.  Trakehners are riding and sport horses.   Multiple times Trakehners have claimed the spotlght in sporting events such as show jumping, dressage, and crosscountry.

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