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Welsh Mountain Ponies are an achient breed of horse. Evidence suggests that the roots of this breed can be traced back to 1600 BC in the Britist Isles during the Roman era.  It's said that the Romans brought eastern stock with them and bred these horse with the native Welsh horses. More recently Arab and Barbhorse were used to enhance the breed.  Overall, Welsh Mountain ponies are a mixture of beauty an hardiness.   According to the Welsh Pony & Cob Society, within this breed are four distinct types:  Section A Welsh Mountain Pony, Section B Welsh Pony, Section C Welsh Pony of Cob Type, and Section D Welsh Cob. 
Type A and B Ponies have the same characteristics.  They both hold pony characteristics and have a small head, bold eyes, and strong hindquarters.  They can be any color, except piebald and skewbald.  The main difference between the two is that Section B Ponies are slighty larger riding ponies.  Section A Mountain Ponies may not exceed 12.2 hands (50inches, 127cm) while Section B Ponies may not exceed 13.2 hands (54inches, 137cm) in the UK and 14.2 hands (58inches, 147cm) in the U.S with no lower limit. 
Section C and D are cobs, which are hardier and compact.  Traditionally, Welsh Cobs were used for heavy work in farms and during the war were in high demand to pull heavy equipment and artillery for the British Army.  The Section C Welsh Pony of Cob Type may not exceed 13.2 hands (54inches, 137cm) high.  Section C shares some of the refined riding qualities of the ponies while also being sturdy and strong like the cob.  Section D Welsh Cob is the largest type within the breed with a minimum of 13.2 hands (.54 inches, 137 cm) high and no upper limit. 
Because of their size and disposition, Welsh Ponies are popular riding ponies for children.  They are also fine mounts for adults.  Welsh Ponies and Cobs fill many roles in competion and leisure and work.  Welsh Ponies and Cobs are competitive in carriage driving, hunting, dressage, and various horseshow activities.  They are also a fine companion with a couragous yet calm temperment and and are wonderful under a saddle.

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Typical Breed Photo 1
Welsh Pony Type A

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Typical Breed Photo 2
Welsh Cob Type D

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