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Westphalian is a German warmblood bred in Northwest Germany starting in the 1700's.  The breed shares very close qualities with the Hanoverian and the Rhinelander.  Bred to the same standards of all other German warmbloods, Westphalians are bred to be sport horses.  They excel at show jumping, dressage, eventing, and hunting.  In the past decades many Westphalians have won Olympic medals in jumping and dressage.  The Westphalian has a long neck, intelligent head, powerful hindquarters, and a height of 15.2 to 17.2 hands high.  Westphalians can be any color and have markings, however colors other than black, bay, chestnut, and gray are rare. Westphalian horses are wonderful sport horses and are well suited for anyone seeking a mount for competitive purposes.

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