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Business Listing Prices

  • Business Listings are published at the Services page.
  • You can get a FREE Standard LINK - IF 1) you place our banner on your site (CLICK HERE to copy our banner) AND 2) we review and approve your site.  Just place one of our banners on your site, THEN complete the form above since we will need to review the actual page displaying our banner before we can approve your site.
  • Our Standard Business Listing is only $150.00 per 6 months, Per Site, Payable in Advance.  Standard Listings are Displayed in each category in alphabetical order.
  • Our Premium Business Listing is $225.00 per 6 Months, Per Site, Payable in Advance.  The Premium Listing Includes (If You Desire) Your Business Name, Phone, Email,  Mailing or Physical Address, and an Expanded Description of Your Service or Web Site In Addition to the Standard Listing Content.  It also receives priority placement in the Display of Listings.  Premium Listings are Displayed at the top of each category in random order.
  • To Advertise, just complete and submit the above form First, then Mail Your Check.  Your Listing will be published within 3 days after we receive your check.  Please include the same "Contact Phone Number" on your check as you include in the form above.   One Modification will be processed Free (submit a new form above First, then send us an email requesting that the modified listing be published in place of the original listing).  Additional modification request must be accompanied with a $25.00 modification Fee.

To order a Business Listing or for more information about our Banners or page sponsorship Advertising opportunities, CLICK HERE - EMAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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