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The Horse SCAM SCOOP Bulletin Board
Internet Horse Buying Scams

We will post some messages we receive from our users here from time to time which we think may be of interest to other users.  Stop by occasionally to see if anything new is posted.  Also, if you have some SCOOP which other users may be interested in, complete the form below to send us Your SCOOP. 

Item Date Their SCOOP
2-6-2003 Several SELLERS have reported a SCAM which they say involves a buyer sending the seller a cashiers check for MORE than the sale price and then asking the seller to wire the EXTRA money to them.  The cashiers check eventually turns out to be PHONY but that takes time for their bank to discover and notify them of the fact that the check is a fraud (initially the banks told them the cashiers check was OK even after specifically checking) then the seller is stuck paying back their bank for the money wired to the fraudulent buyer.  The FBI reported that scams like this are common and normally involve people who want their money wired to Africa, although they could just as easily have it wired to other places as well using accomplices.  IF any buyer offers to TRUST you to receive and then send them EXTRA MONEY .... you should ask yourself WHY they are willing to trust you with their money ... would you trust them with your money?  The reason they will trust you with their money is that it is NOT MONEY, it is just a fraudulent piece of paper.
4-7-2003 We continue to get mail from sellers stating that they are being offered what sounds like different versions of what has been called the "Certified Check" SCAM.  Some are from Europe rather than Africa, they appear to claim they are from virtually anywhere except where you are.

Here are some links to sites which offer information about this and other kinds of scams, these scams occur all over the internet and involve everything from horses to toys, basically anywhere humans are offering something for sale these scam artist ply their trade:
Wired News

4-14-2003 You can file a complaint with the FBI at THIS LINK, don't hold your breath after making the complaint to hear about someone being arrested but you never know if by making it you may actually help in someway in apprehending some accomplice at some time in the future so it is worth the effort.
7-19-2003 We continue to get mail from sellers stating that they are being offered what sounds like different versions of what has been called the "Certified Check" SCAM.  Tunisia seems to be the popular place lately and some claim to be DEALERS.  Here is a link to site which displays NAMES reportedly used in connection with scams:
If anyone who does not plan to come and see the horse and pay you in person offers you a cashiers check, just ask them to wire you the CASH through western union themselves and their associate can pick up the horse after you get the cash from western union and see if they still want to buy it.
8-1-2004 We continue to get mail from sellers stating that they are being offered what sounds like different versions of what has been called the "Certified Check" SCAM.  Lately it seems popular to claim to be DEALERS buying for their "clients", but the same basic deal is they want to send you a cashiers check for MORE than the purchase price.
1-20-2005 The scammers are still at it, so keep on the lookout for them and PLEASE SUBMIT their EMAIL Address and IP Address to the FBI at the URL above, we started putting the senders IP address on ALL EMAILS so you can report that and the FBI can easily use that to identify their location when you file a complaint.

ALSO, we have had some reports of BOGUS HORSE FOR SALE ADS, so please notify us if you suspect any AD POSTED is not bonafide. The more experienced scammers have already learned that they are just wasting their time here, so they have moved on to other sites with fewer anti-spam policies in force than we have, but a few of the LESS INFORMED scammers still come by here occassionally so keep your eyes open.

Please be advised that this information is presented for your use AS IS.   We are not in the business of assisting our users with their transaction NOR offering them advice about conducting their transactions NOR investigating or solving crimes, we just sell advertising and we do not attempt to conduct factual verification of these reports also we do NOT express any opinion about its accuracy or reliability or completeness.  We have no way of verifying any correspondence you may receive from a potential buyer and we do not undertake to do that.  We do NOT publish every report and this Bulletin Board is NOT intended to be exhaustive as far as identifying all issues or potential risk inherent in dealing with other human beings some of which are criminals or being complete insofar as any specific item.  Some issues which may have an interest to most users will be displayed here and it is simply here for your use however you see fit, and your use of it or any of our site is subject to our terms of service.

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