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Sell Horse Do you want to sell your horse fast and get the BEST PRICE possible?  Our Standard Photo Ad includes a Click-To-Enlarge Photo Display on the Search Results Page, TWO photos in the ad detail page, and they get MORE than TEN TIMES the response!  With THOUSANDS of real buyers using our Classifieds every day, that can make a BIG difference in both the PRICE you can get for your Horses and the amount of time it will take you to sell your horse.  A picture is worth MORE than a THOUSAND words, it can make the difference in whether a buyer even reads your words.

How Effective are our ads?  We offer sellers a 6 month ad so they feel confident they will have plenty of time to sell without needing to renew the ad, but our customers using the Photo Ad or the Featured Display option generally tell us they do NOT need anywhere near that much time to sell a horse.  MANY of them sell their horses in a matter of days or weeks, NOT MONTHS.  Here is what one advertiser recently had to say in an ANONYMOUS Response to an online Survey which we ask users to take so we can get the most candid feedback possible in order to assess the results they are experiencing:
" Comments:
I had one horse on your site for one hour and it sold to the first inquiry.
Thank you!!!

Be sure to take our survey yourself before you delete your ad and let us know what kind of results you achieved (there is a link to do that after you log in to your ad).



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