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  • Breeders, Dealers, and Ranch Owners (or individuals who just happen to have multiple horses for sale) are welcome to try our Online Service FREE for 90 Days, Click Here to register your text ad or ad(s).
  • For those users with a need for continuing multiple ads we have several continuing commercial advertising alternatives which offer both cost efficiency and convenience.

Multiple Ad Specials
  • Buy two Ad Extensions or Photo Ads and get a third of the same type for Free.
  • Use our Online Service to place your text ads free, Log In to your ad administration page and select the Place Order option to purchase an Ad Extension for a specific ad or an upgrade to a Photo Ad (at our Normal Rates) then WRITE us your order # for those 2 Paid ads along with the Listing # of the third ad (you need to already have it set up as a free text ad) and we will similarly extend or upgrade it for Free.

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Large Ad Packages

For advertisers who need more than 10 ads on a continuing basis we can set up an ad extension package for you on a discounted Flat Monthly Fee basis.  WRITE us for details.

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Featured Web Pages
  • We can prepare and host a page or pages featuring your company and your offerings which would be accessible from a special link we would place in each of your specific horse for sale ads as well as a link on our services index page.  You could also access it using a direct URL we would give you.  WRITE us for details.

Click the Online Registration URL to go register your ads.

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