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Horse Selling Services - How To Sell A Horse

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Sellers Services Summary

The details of all our advertising packages and products are explained on the "Place My Ad" page. You can place an online ad instantly to list your horse for sale or print out the listing forms, and mail them in.  You can either upload your photos online, or mail them in.  If there are any services we do not currently offer which are of interest to you, kindly tell us what additional services you would like to see us offer at the "Feedback" page.

Marketing Your Horse

Sellers need to develop a "how to sell a horse" marketing plan which BOTH reduces the hassle involved in selling anything yourself as much as possible and also increases your chances of getting the best price.  That is where the Internet comes in, it can efficiently assist you with accomplishing both of those objectives.  If you put both photos and complete details about your horse online, then also put the URL to your online ad in any classified ads you may do, you accomplish TWO purposes.  First you Increase your exposure to different buyers (some buyers will mostly search online as their preference while others will tend to read the local classifieds as their primary search method).  Second, you will spend LESS time on the phone talking to people about your horse and LESS time inviting strangers over to look at it ---- MOST will know if they are seriously interested or not by looking at your photos.  So you reduce the Hassle and Increase the exposure to more buyers.  Just use a short cheap classified ad since the buyers can get full details looking online at THEIR CONVENIENCE.   Buyers Like Convenience and many will never leave their name and phone number on a recorder if you are not there when they call to get information.  Include the following additional "single line" in each of your local newspaper ads:  " Ad54321".  This should neatly fit on one line of space in your local newspaper.  The "54321" is the specific listing # assigned to your advertisement, this number is displayed on your ad.  Buyers can type this number in on our Home page "Fast Search" form (the first thing they see upon arriving at our site) to quickly find your specific advertisement without having to go all through the search pages.

Tying your advertising all together in this way (including the www address and your Listing # in All your Local Advertising) Enables The Potential Buyers To SEE YOUR HORSE At Their Convenience, instead of driving to look at it.  This is a Powerful Marketing Tool which will enhance the overall effectiveness of All Your Advertising Efforts. You can also just tell callers to go see pictures on the Internet before they drive over to see it but then you still have to answer the phone calls and tell them to go look there and you could miss just the caller who really would have liked your horse, IF they had seen it and many will not leave a phone number on a recorder and they later forget to ever call you again.   It will save you a lot of time talking to those buyers who really have no interest whatsoever in your specific horse.  This will make your horse selling efforts a lot easier.

You can also use the direct URL to your ad in any other online ads you may have which does NOT include photos.  We do Not recommend using this in newspaper ads since it will take up too much space and the readers would For Sure Never get it typed in right but we Do recommend using it in any other internet ad you have that does not include your photos since there users only need to click on it or copy and paste it to their browser.  Also, many newspapers are now offering special "Link Buttons" which they will display in the Online Version of their newspaper classified ads which when clicked on would take viewers to your full ad with photos, you can use this URL in those Online Classified ads - just give this URL to the newspaper when placing your order for that Online Link.   The Direct URL to your ad is included in your online ad confirmation and your email confirmation. 



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